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You're the Inspiration

I wonder where your inspiration comes from? Back in the day my inspiration was a person. You know that one person who you think is your soul mate. Boy was I wrong! I just thought of the song You're the Inspiration by Chicago and the lyrics You're the meaning of my life You're the Inspiration. With this being said I want you to know first and foremost God is the meaning of my life and He is the inspiration. He inspires me to try new things which is what I am doing right now. He laid blogging on my heart to reach others and inspire you. I also love the way God puts people in our lives to inspire, lift one another up, and telling someone you have faith in them makes a huge difference. I was told that today and had help starting this blog so I will do

my best to inspire you on a daily basis.

I need you to know I get inspired everyday by praying and reading the Word of God. I have done this for a few years faithfully now. God inspires me to be like Him and that is what a Christian does, we don't just read the Word, but apply it to our lives. In turn inspiring you is an honor. This is an opportunity to share with you the many things I have learned.

These are some of the things I will be sharing. Bible verses, devotions, and bits of information from a book I am writing. Maybe a few quotes because who doesn't like a good quote. I want to thank you for spending time with me today. God you are my inspiration and I thank you for this opportunity to reach others across the nation.

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