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Unseen Growth in the Winter

It is freezing outside and no relief in sight. As a matter of fact it is going to get worse before it get's better. This is according to the meteorologists so don't shoot the messenger. Sometimes this is the way life seems, but it might just appear to be that way.

As we take a look outside it is very clear that everything is frozen. I would like to turn your attention to the trees in particular. They are drooping down with all the weight of the ice and appear to be dead. Wouldn't you agree? Unless, maybe you took botany and know this not true. Remember looks can be deceiving. We have to look beyond what we can see! Underneath the ground the root system is hard at work. During the winter these roots are constantly searching for nutrients to keep the tree alive.

This is a reminder of the growth deep within us. We might not be able to see it right now, but that doesn't mean God isn't working. We no longer measure ourselves physically but spiritually. I have noticed that when I grow spiritually it is behind the scenes. No one sees the hard work I put into it and all the time I spend praying, reading, and studying. This is just me doing my part. When God steps in to do His work that is when everything changes! This is what causes me to feel alive.

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