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Tithing Our Time

Before daybreak, Jesus would get up and go to an isolated place to pray. (Mark 1:35)

Study this Book of Instruction continually. Meditate on it day and night...Joshua 1:8

I know I have written about this before, but each time I read it I'm learning something new either from God or other people who know the Word of God. When we pray we are strengthening our connection and relationship with our Father. When we meditate on the Word of God we gain a better understanding of His instruction. We learn to follow His guidance and live by His Word.

Seek first the Kingdom of God. This is how we start our day by tithing our time to God. I never really thought of it in this way, but after learning this through a devotion "Time Management Principles From God's Word" by Jordan Raynor it makes perfect sense. This is exactly what Jesus did as He spent the beginning of His day with His Father.

I also realized that if we tithe ten percent of our time with God we would spend 2.4 hours with Him. We have such busy schedules that this is not possible for everyone to accomplish everyday. God knows this. At first I thought this would be one of the greatest goals we could set, but remember those small goals I told you about? Well no need to set ourselves up for failure. We should always start small! When we tithe our time it should come from the heart because it means nothing if we see it as a checklist. Here is the solution that I learned from a dear friend of mine. It is the quality of time we spend with God not the quantity.

Father God,

When we come to you prayer and tithe our time to you help us to do this wholeheartedly. Forgive us for the times we see you as part of our to do list and check you off as something done. We say this with a sincere heart. As you know there will will be times we only have a so much time to spend with you so we want you to know that you have our full attention. If we only have time to read one verse let us meditate on it day and night. Help us to always put you first, to acknowledge you throughout our day, and be the last thing on our mind before going to sleep. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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Jun 18, 2021

AMEN!! Lord I need you so much. Help my heart just basque in your presence! I love you Lord♥️💯

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