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Thunder From Heaven

The thunder from heaven announces the Presence of God. He is saying listen attentively to my majestic marvelous voice and the rumbling from my mouth. I am displaying my power and letting you know I am in control. You have no comprehension of all the work I am accomplishing right now.

I am well aware of what you are in need of. Doesn't my word say I will meet all of your needs? Of course it does! I will never break any of my promises to you. I have unlimited power, I am everywhere at all times, and I am all knowing.

I am God and I am everything that you could ever need. I love you more than you will ever comprehend and my blessings flow freely until your cup overflows. I am trying to get your attention and open you eyes to see all the wonderful things I have to offer you.

There are so many of you looking to the past and we have already been there. While others are worried about the future and you don't know what I have in store for you. Live in the present and enjoy each day.

All My Love

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