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Thinking Like Jesus

Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ. Philippians 2:5

Let this same attitude and purpose and [humble] mind be in you which was in Christ Jesus: [Let Him be your example in humility:] Philippians 2:5 (Amplified version)

I am sharing these two versions because as I was studying this morning the amplified version makes it clear that we should have the mind of Christ which includes our attitude and purpose while remaining humble. Being of one mind is the intention of our thoughts and constantly renewing them. As we change our thoughts on the things above our attitudes will change to be more like Jesus. Our purpose is to be more like Him spreading the Good News and following the will of God.

Jesus came to earth as a man and displayed what love looks like. He lead by example and every morning before daylight He would go off by Himself to pray. I can not stress how important it is to start our day in prayer. We need to talk to God consistently and I am sure Jesus did this more than anyone. Our prayer life keeps us in constant communication with Our Father and draws us closer to Him. This is how we fill the space between us.

Most of pray for knowledge and understanding, but do you ever pray for wisdom? Human knowledge is limited and is mostly gained by observation and experience. Jesus is the one we should be observing. Yes, even more so than our Christian friends and leaders. He is the perfect example to follow. When we are surrounded by the presence of God this is the best experience we will ever encounter. Knowledge is gained by the experience of facts, information, and skills acquired by another.

Understanding is a bit deeper than knowledge. Understanding is knowing how someone feels. Knowing Jesus is one thing, but we should also be understanding like He is. He is loving, compassionate, merciful, patient, forgiving, humble, and obedient. He is so much more, but you get the point. This is what displaying our love should look like.

Wisdom is the ability to take our knowledge and understanding and put them into practice. It gives us the ability of discernment. Wisdom helps us to deal with things the best possible way to achieve the best results. Wisdom helps us to change our attitudes and change the order of our priorities. Putting God first at all times and living for the purpose He has already planned for us. Wisdom is having the same values as Jesus Christ.

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