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The Victory Belongs to the Lord

The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord. Proverbs 21:31

Just as the horse is prepared we should also be prepared. The most important thing to remember is that we cannot succeed on our own. We need God to help us prepare for the battles that lie ahead.

Have you ever seen a horse going into battle at a slow pace as if it has already been defeated? Of course not. He holds his head high and runs straight into the battle. Horses have strengthened muscles and are very powerful especially when they are charging at something. They were probably given the finest oats and grain too.

We need to prepare our bodies. Nourishment is the key to remaining strong. While eating healthy food it gives us the energy to remain active throughout the day. This also helps us to fight off sickness which would definitely slow us down. The proper amount of rest is refreshing too. We aren't going to fight the good fight if we are sluggish and tired. Exercise including cardio really gets the blood flowing. A brisk walk can change the amount white blood cells which also is needed to stay healthy and fight off disease.

We should always be preparing our mind because the first stage of a battle is the battlefield of the mind. We need to focus on who's we are and how He has brought us through many battles before and He is sure to do it again. When we keep our minds focused on the things above and the word of God it builds us up making us strong and courageous.

Feeding our soul with prayer keeps us closely connected to Our Father. This is the best place to be throughout our day staying in the Presence of God. I know we don't always feel His Presence, but we know He is right beside us so His Presence is always close to us. When we read the Word of God and learn about who He is, all of His promises, the power that was displayed, and most importantly His love; it fills our soul with nothing but good. We need to take the time to meditate on His Word and really chew on the scriptures until they are a part of us. After all, this is how Jesus fought back with the very Word of God!

As long as you have done your very best; God will surely do all of the rest. Our victory is through Jesus Christ. All Glory be to God!

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