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The Importance of Fellowship

And they devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and the fellowship, the breaking of bread and the prayers. And all who believed were together and had all things in common. Praising God and having favor with all the people. Acts 2:42;44;47a

We were never meant to be alone. God made us all to be unique individuals who should share our values and connect with others. We need to become a community gathered in unity. Living in such a way leads everything back to Him. When we are around other people from different walks of life it is an opportunity to gain new perspectives.

The danger of disconnecting ourselves from others causes us to feel lonely. We become easily entangled in our emotions and slowly fall away from God if we aren't careful. We develop an "I don't care attitude" and won't even think about picking up the phone for encouragement. When we fall there is no one to lift us back up. When we allow this to happen we spiral downwards, caught up in our own misery.

This is why we should devote ourselves to fellowship! It is a place where we can stand in agreement and challenge one another to become better. We can come together and rejoice rather than living in self pity. This is a time we can celebrate with others and their accomplishments rather than compare our lives to theirs. It is a place among friends where we know there is always someone to pick us back up and refreshes us.

It is important to know when we draw closer to one another and through the teaching of God's Word we also draw closer to Him. A time of being reminded of scripture to stand on throughout all of life's challenges. It is a place we grip onto all of God's promises. We can be open and honest when the struggle is real.

Delighting in each others company and expressing our love. Breaking bread together. Standing together and praying for each other. Rejoicing and singing praises to the Lord. Listening to the Word which develops our growth. These are some of the many things we experience during our time of fellowship and our lives are changed for the better because of it. When we come together in faith which is what we all have in common our fellowship is filled with excitement, joy, and love. This is why fellowship is so important!

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