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The Holy Spirit - Our Teacher

When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own but will tell you what he has heard. He will tell you about the future. John 16:13

Before I get into this scripture I want to tell you how the Holy Spirit led me to this particular verse. Last week I led Bible study and we have been studying about the Holy Spirit. Normally we each choose a verse and talk about it. However, three people couldn't make it and the other two didn't bring anything to share. I couldn't decide between the two verses and what I had added in the middle that I had been studying. I was in a panic at first but pulled out my studies and let the Holy Spirit lead me. It all flowed so beautifully together.

My first verse was "There is therefore now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus, who do not walk according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit". Romans 8:1

The law brings condemnation because it points out and condemns sin, but as Christians we are no longer "under the law" we are united with Christ and covered by grace. God let us not use this as an excuse to do what we want, but to depend on the Holy Spirit and walk accordingly because this is our obligation.

I went on to speak about how we are no longer slaves to sin along with these three points. As Christians we become and experience what is already in position - dead to sin and alive in Christ. The victory over sin is refusal to let sin reign in our life. We must offer all of who we are to God.

The Holy Spirit loves us so much as He is constantly working within us never growing weary to gain control of our whole being and transforming us into the image of God. This is the life that will blossom on the day we enter into heaven. Until that day arrives we are expected to do our very best and walk according to the Spirit.

After talking about walking in the Spirit in order for us to comply we must listen, obey, and follow His promptings. We need the Holy spirit to guide us because we so easily go astray. The Holy Spirit guides us in a delicate way while He is influencing us.

"Only the Holy Spirit can guide us into truth. Many are brought to the truth, but they are not brought into it and are thus not made to feel it. Some are brought to know the truth that God keeps us from day to day. However, we rarely get into it so as to live in continual dependence upon God the Holy Spirit and draw from Him." - Charles Spurgeon

The Holy Spirit teaches us in three ways: suggestion, direction, and illumination.

The Holy Spirit doesn't speak on His own but delivers to us a message from God. He does this by whispering softly in our ear, through dreams, visions, and the Word of God. Sometimes we have good thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere like ways to help others...thoughts like these are placed there by the Holy Spirit. These are suggested thoughts.

What I experienced through this Bible study (which includes even more) was the direction of my thoughts. After meditating on one verse I was gradually led to another and then another. This is how the Spirit gave me direction and even now writing a few things differently.

The Holy Spirit leads us into all truth by illumination. For me illumination is to be excited about how the word stands out to me while reading and spiritually enlightened by it. Now to finish this off with more wise words from Charles Spurgeon. Do you have an illuminated Bible? Well, it is the Christian who has an illuminated bible. When you read it, a glory gilds the sacred page, Majestic like the sun, Which gives a light to every age, but borrows none.

There is nothing like reading an illuminated Bible. The words shine forth like stars. the book seems as if it is made of gold leaf. Every single letter glitters like a diamond. Oh, it is a blessed thing to read an illuminated Bible lit up by the radiance of the Holy Spirit.

Thus, the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth by suggesting ideas, directing our thoughts, and illuminating the Scriptures when we read them.

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