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The Hills and Valleys

The God on the mountain, is still the God in the valley.

We all want to rise to the top and be successful. Before we can rise to the top we must learn what it means to be in the valley. This is the place we are learning to grow; where God is teaching us valuable lessons. He is preparing us for lies ahead. He is helping us to build our character so when we reach our destination He planned for us long ago we will be ready.

We need to prepare our heart and plow the hardened parts of our heart. We need to dig down and pull the weeds that are taking up too much space. Then when our hearts have been softened we can gently till through and toss aside the bits and pieces that don't belong along the way. As we begin to sow seeds we need to make sure they are seeds that will produce a good harvest. Such as the seeds that will become the fruits of the Spirit.

This is how God prepares us because if we arrive to our destination too soon we will not be prepared. We need to learn how to be the same person in the valley as we are on the mountain. The rest of our life will be spent going over hills and through the valleys so if we continue to make the changes necessary to reach new heights we need to be prepared for the uphill climb.

God is always celebrating with us when we reach a new mountain top. Don't forget about the small achievements when we walk over the hills. God is also with us in the valley helping us to be overcomers.

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09 apr. 2021

Amen!! I heard it preached very similar. That if your success comes to fast without building the right character the spot light will burn you up. I thank the Lord that he doesn’t mind us wanting to be successful, but wants us to have His character to be able to push through and shine his light! Love this 💞

09 apr. 2021
Reageren op

Thank you so much for your comment. I am so glad God helps us with our character behind the scenes. It was also reassuring that you heard this preached in a similar way. Love the fact about the spotlight and being burned up if we step out too soon.

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