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The Beauty of Snowflakes

He directs the snow to fall on the earth (Job 37:6).

I was memorized this morning as I watched the snowflakes falling so gracefully. Some were falling straight down while others were falling in a diagonal direction to the left and right. While some moved from side to side or back up into the air as they were guided by the wind. At times it looked as of they were caught up in a small whirl wind spinning around in small circles. What really caught my eye were the snowflakes that floated slowly towards the window I was looking out of as I sat there enjoying the beautiful display of God's handiwork.

After seeing the snowflakes that were floating directly towards me it became a magnificent moment in time. All at once everything slowed down and it was like all the snowflakes were moving in slow motion. As I stared out the window watching the marvelous works of our Creator I began to see so much more than just snow falling. God orchestrated each flake that was falling each in it's own direction creating the most beautiful performance of dancing that I have ever seen.

Once the snow lightly falls to the ground the first fallen flakes penetrate into the ground. Then as the soil drops in temperature one by one the snowflakes start sticking to the ground. Each snowflake is different by design and no two are alike. I think it is magnificent how the snowflakes fall; each one falling into it's proper place creating layers of snow. The numerous amounts of these snowflakes fall perfectly, eventually creating a blanket that covers the ground that was patiently designed by the hand of God.

My intention was to simply share my experience with you today about the beauty I saw this morning. However, I feel led to continue and deliver you a message.

Before I continue you need to know the snowflakes represent us from this point on. More than we care to admit we all fall down. Sometimes we get pushed side to side. When we feel like we are caught up in a whirl wind (circling around to a place we have been before) we feel as if everything is spinning out of control and all our emotions are twirling around inside of us. What I want you to know is this is not where we stay. When we are guided by the wind which represents the Holy Spirit we are going to rise back up. Someone will gently approach us to get our attention. It could be God and the Holy Spirit or maybe they will send someone else. God is orchestrating all the people who come in and out of our lives which could appear to Him like we are all dancing around each other, (Isn't that a beautiful thought)? God places us among others in the proper place where we can be deeply rooted. As all our lives become intertwined perfectly God is making a tapestry out of us patiently designed by the hand of God.

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Mar 13, 2022

Beautifully said!

Mar 13, 2022
Replying to

Thank God for the Holy Spirit prompting me.

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