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Stop Look and Listen

We love to set our own pace but it doesn't always work out that way. For instance, say we are driving along and all of a sudden we hear a train. Next thing you see are a string of taillights coming from the cars ahead of you. If you hear this train and you are the first to approach the railroad crossing even if the gate is still up and the lights just started flashing you should always stop, look, and listen. Now the gate drops but no sign of a train. What do you do?

Even though we know what the right thing to do is doesn't mean we always do it. Sometimes we rush into that next decision and don't think about the consequences. When we do this it might lead us into a danger zone. So let's take some caution when it comes to making decisions.

Throughout our lives we find ourselves needing assistance when it comes to making a decision about which direction we should be going. No, I am not talking about google maps. Google maps will give you directions to a destination. I am talking about when we ask God for help in making a decision that will not only determine our destination by direction, but lead us to our destiny.

With all of this being said we are always in a hurry to reach our destiny. This is the wrong way of thinking. Let's slow down and enjoy the ride that takes us there! No need to rush through everything. After all we are supposed to live in the moment.

Show me the right path, O Lord: point out the road for me to follow. Lead me by your truth and teach me Psalm 25:4-5a. As with any book you read when you want an answer you have to read just a little bit further. Turning now to Psalm 119:105 which says, "Your word is a lamp to guide my feet and a light for my path." He shows us by lighting the way.

Every time I read (Psalm119:105) God lights it up in a new way for me. I want you to know this is why it is so important to pray before reading the word of God. When we "stop" to pray then "look" to the word which is filled with direction and guidance for our next steps. Before I proceed this is even more important. You need to know that God leads us, directs or guides us, and lights the way for us, but ultimately it is our decision to make the right choice. Remember that free will? This is why it is imperative that you "listen" for the voice of God. The more we listen the more we will be able to discern His voice. The discernment is a process of determining God's desire for us. The knowledge of truth. Sorry to say that with any process this is going to take some time. Enjoy where you are at right now.

For now let's focus on how we should stop, look, and listen.

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Mar 05, 2021

I sang this title LOL! I go through phases with enjoying where I am and trying to hurry up and get to the next destination. Most likely the waiting is hard and the hard parts are uncomfortable. Learning to be still is uncomfortable but well worth it! Loved the Psalm you wrote. Lord light my path and guide my feet! AMEN!!!

Mar 05, 2021
Replying to

You said it! The waiting in the here and now is hard and uncomfortable, but this is when we grow. I think when we learn to be in the present it will cause us to be more appreciative when we experience what lies ahead.

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