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Real Love

We know what real love is because Jesus gave up his life for us. So we also ought to give up our lives for our brothers and sisters. 1 John 3:16

Real love is sacrificial! God is love and sent His Son the Lamb of God as a sacrifice for us. When Jesus laid His life down for us this is proof of His love for us. Not just you and I, but all of humanity. This is the action that real love does exist. In fact it is the highest form of love - God love. When Jesus walked the earth He wasn't concerned with all the things such as what would He eat, drink, wear, lay His head, or anything about Himself. Real love is being concerned about what is the greatest good that can be done for another.

Real love is an action that involves sacrifice and is selfless. It consists of being committed and always remaining faithful. Real love is always being present and never forsakes us. Real love is knowing us intimately and deeply, inside and out, knowing all about us before we even speak a word. Real love is so powerful that it transforms us and accomplishes all of that which we cannot do on our own. This real love I am talking about only comes from the Father, His Son, and the Holy Spirit.

God pours His love out on us each and every moment of everyday. When we put Christ on we are in Him and He is in us. The Holy Spirit resides inside of us. We are loved with a real love in us, through us, and around us at all times. I hope you feel the presence of this real love. I also hope that you ask God to help you spread this love to our brothers and sisters. We never know who God will put in our path, but we must be ready to show that person God's love. I am talking about that love that leaves an impression of feeling loved by God through us. This is the way I desire to love others and I am sure you do too. They will know we are Christians by our love.

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Sep 23, 2022

This is one of your most beautiful ones yet! And my family song we have sang as children. We sing it now through good times and harsh times 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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