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Quality of Time Over Quantity

I haven't published anything the last couple of days and I totally get that we have very busy lives. The day before yesterday I was very frustrated and it wasn't until the end of the day I knew why. I hadn't spent anytime with God! Yesterday as soon as I got up it was time to go help a friend and by the time I got home I prayed and asked for forgiveness.

So, today I prayed knowing I have the responsibility to spend time with God before anything else. I also wanted to get back to my writing with all the hustle and bustle I will be going through. I am going to keep this brief, but want you to know from my personal experience it is better to spend quality time when you can't spend the quantity of time you prefer.

I want you to know if we just give God the time we have even if it is briefly the quality of this time spent is just as important, God already knows what each day is going to be filled with. When we spend quality time with Him He will be sure to create more time with Him later on. I am learning what it means to pray constantly because I need Him throughout my day in everything I do. He is right here with us at all times and wants to be acknowledged just like we do. In a moment of time we can reach out to Him and I promise it makes for a better day ahead.

Quality outweighs quantity with the time you spend with God, work, and relationships. Life is not a checklist and once you take the time to make everything count rather than the amount of things you do life becomes simple again.

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Jul 29, 2021

Yes quality over quantity! We can definitely feel when our tank is low. Because the fruits we produce are not of God. When we spend quality time with our Lord it is His fruits that show up in us. Which bring us peace and clarity. It makes us desire to talk to Him through the day. It makes Him our desire, the desire of our heart. 💓

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