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Plugged In and Powered Up

He renews my strength. He guides me along right paths, bringing honor to his name.

Psalm 23:3

Many things in life can make us weary such as being overworked, running errands, watching children, cooking meals, and keeping the house clean. For most they have a routine throughout the week and it leaves them exhausted by the weekend. The worst thing we can do is try to create our own path in life. Then we wonder why we want to shut down like we are being powered off. I have learned the longer we stay in our own will this is exactly what happens.

Life has a way of zapping all of our strength, but the good news is our strength can be renewed. The NKJV tells us that He restores our soul. We have to plug ourselves in to the right source - the One who is in charge of our life who will bring about long lasting change. These powerful surges from God will propel us forward and onward. This is how our strength is renewed and our soul is restored. When we enter into the Presence of God it is like a charging system. Our strength is being renewed. Our soul is being restored bringing to our attention what needs to be thrown in the trash making room for a better storage system. We are refreshed as we sit in His Presence. This is how we should want to feel all the time; plugged into the main source and receiving a powerful super charge. Now we feel like we can conquer anything again and as long as we stay connected we can. Here is something everyone can relate to. When our phones warn us that the battery is low we automatically put them on the charger and make sure we have the correct plug in. Then the surges of electricity slowly charge the battery back up to full power. Why is it that we automatically charge our phones, but don't always take the time to recharge ourselves?

Take sometime throughout your day to plug yourself in and get powered up. You will be so glad you did. As God guides us along the right paths of HIs righteousness let us follow closely so others can see we are connected by our actions bringing honor to His name.

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