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Off Balance

Today I woke up at 1:00 o'clock this morning which gave me four hours of sleep. I started my morning talking to my Father, God, then read a few devotions and I was off to a good start. I have had my coffee and started writing about one of my future devotions, I also started studying about this devotion and well times up. I am trying a new morning routine. I received some really good advice about setting a time limit to what I do. God knows I can get carried away sometimes.

This morning as I sat here typing my little heart out I was thinking to myself I am so tired I can't even think right now. I have typed, deleted, and hit backspace for about forty-five minutes now. I will tell you what is off balance and that is my brain. I have to say my sleep pattern is way off balance, but honestly I don't want it to change. God wakes me up very early so we can spend our mornings together and I ask Him what to study and write about. With this in mind (what little is functioning right now) I will get my rest so I can follow His instruction for the day.

Before I go to sleep I want you to know one of the devotions I read is "A Balanced Life Is Not the Impossible Dream" written by Mary Southerland. I absolutely love the way she writes! Anyway before I get off track I hope you read it because this is something I loved about it and there is so much more. She says, "A busy life is not necessarily a productive life." I totally get this. Busy going nowhere fast. She also says, "A balanced life is a powerful life."

I hope God blesses you with the balance you need for a powerful life.

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