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Living On Borrowed Time

The borrower is servant to the lender. Proverbs 22:7b

I have a friend who is in the hospital and she was told that she is on borrowed time. In the world when we hear these words it is due to having something wrong such as an illness that should've already taken a life. However, God had a different plan and extended her life by being revived twice and giving her the time to have a quadruple bypass.

I have another friend in the hospital who is in his seventies and had a light stroke. He also is a diabetic and his sugar levels read five eighty five which is dangerously high and the results could've been slipping into a diabetic coma. However his time is being extended as well.

The truth is we are all living on borrowed time so graciously given to us by God. This has been a real eye opener for me. Before I go any further I feel the need to tell you what God has revealed to me. When we borrow something from someone such as a cup of sugar, milk, or flour we immediately use it for a recipe. Even when we borrow money it is usually because we need it to pay a bill or use it for something we need immediately. Notice the word immediately. When we borrow something we make use of it immediately. So, why is it that we know we are living on borrowed time and waste most of it? I am certainly guilty of this and have wasted so much of my life.

Since God lends us this time to utilize for Him that makes us the borrower and servant of the lender. I have been thinking about how Jesus walked the earth making the most of His time here to teach others and show them that they are loved. Sacrificing our time is how we do this! I certainly don't have all of what I need to do in order, but I am taking small steps in the right direction to make better use of my time.

I know this might not sound like much of a sacrifice to you, but it was for me. God told me to delete all of my games on my phone. Honestly, I hesitated and waited a couple of days before doing so. This was something I would do literally for hours a day in order to relax or played when I was bored. I have learned that with the extra time I was able to spend quality time with others and show them that I loved them. I now have the time to fully commit to the church I attend. I am not talking about just attending, but being involved with some of the responsibilities such as cleaning, preparing food boxes, and possibly mowing. The point I am trying to make is this. With one small sacrifice of my time there is so much that can be accomplished.

Being a servant to the lender is so much more than meeting the needs of others at our own convenience. We will need to make sacrifices. We will need to be ready when God says to do something in particular immediately. God can always extend our life but the fact is we all have an allotted time here. I just want to start making the most of it and serving God with all of my heart because I have been talking about it for years. With this wake up call that I received I pray that I will be an example and show others how much I love them rather than just telling them. I pray that I will make the most of my time by being a humble servant to the lender of my life.

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