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Listen and Pay Attention

Now listen to me if you are wise. Pay attention to what I say. Job 34:16

I was on Linked In and read a post by Paula White-Cain. She asked, have you ever noticed that the word listen when scrambled you could make the word silent? Which really made me think first of all I never noticed it. Second when we listen we should remain silent. I have had to pray to be a good listener because I get distracted easily. We should not only listen but give the one speaking our full attention. This is what makes us a good listener.

I also thought of my mom's favorite song "God has Something to Say." The chorus is: God has something to say to you, God has something to say, Listen, listen, pay close attention! God has something to say.

I also recently listened to a podcast by Pricilla Shirer and she was talking about being content. She had to get her belongings out of her mother's house and as she was going through her journals she realized there were times she didn't recognize God as she passed from season to season. She could look back and see that He was there, but didn't recognize Him in the moment.

I wonder how often we miss Him trying to speak to us. I try my best to live in the moment and like many I don't always take the time to be still, sit, and listen for God's voice. When I do hear from Him I don't always listen and pay attention.

Father God,

Please help us to take the time to be still, sit, and listen, paying close attention to what you have to say. Silence the voices all around us so we can hear you. Silence all the noise and give us the discernment to know we are hearing the right voice. Help us as we receive the right answers to make the right choices. Open our ears as we listen because we don't want to miss any of the good news that is on the way. We want to receive your message because we know you have something to say. In Jesus name, Amen.

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