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Lesson From the Ants

Take a lesson from the ants, you lazybones. Learn from their ways and become wise. Proverbs 6:6

Each of the worker ants prepare themselves for a particular purpose. When it comes to all the responsibilities the ants have they divide all the work up between them so they can conquer all the tasks ahead. Once they have built their home there is much work ahead to obtain it. Their tasks range from caring for the young, searching for food to bring back to the nest, defending their home, and waste disposal.

They also work together as they dig out the colony's tunnels, disposing the displaced earth by carrying it back out and depositing it near the entrance. This is how they they hide the entrance with small hills of dirt. The ant hill alone has many chambers which are connected by tunnels.

During the day the worker ants move the larvae near the top of the anthill, to keep them warmer. At night, they move them back down to the lower chambers. Among all this work they have gathered their food in the summer (all that they could) and stored it up for the winter. They gather together into clusters to maintain body heat, huddling around the queen.

Ants are optimistic using their skills to prepare for the future. They unite, coming together and cooperate with one another. Ants never quit showing perseverance. These ants are diligent in doing everything they can to accomplish their tasks; completing all their duties successfully.

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