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Learn to Walk Before We Run - Part1

I think it is fascinating how our physical growth teaches us about our spiritual growth. As babies we aren't able to do anything on our own. We need to be under constant care! During this early part of our life we are always being carried from one place to another.

Then before you know it we start out trying to crawl. Going nowhere fast and even when we have tried so hard we end up going backwards. After some time we build up our tiny little muscles and gain strength to lift ourselves up only to fall back down. As we keep trying the day comes when we are able to hold ourselves up on our hands and knees. Look at us go crawling all over the place in any and every direction.

Next we try pulling ourselves up grabbing ahold of anything or anyone. Watching everyone walking around is something we want to do. Our little legs aren't quite strong enough yet, but we keep trying. By being persistent we get a little stronger each day. Now that we are strengthened we rise up and although still wobbly, we are standing on our own two feet.

We have learned to stand and everyone is so proud of us. Soon after they lead us around holding our hands and pulling on our outstretched arms towards them. While teaching us to walk they are guiding each step along the way. Suddenly everything stops. Take a breath. Something is about to happen. They let go! Of course, we fall yet again. By now, we know that we never give up. Finally the time arrives that we learn to to take the baby steps necessary as we learn to walk.

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