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Learn to Walk Before We Run-Part 2

Updated: Jan 30, 2021

Today I want to take some time and tell you briefly about my walk with God. The first thing I learned about walking with God is that new Christians are like newborn babies. Just as a newborn needs constant care so do we. We soon realize that apart from our Father we can do nothing on our own. Babies are given milk and we are given milk too just a different kind. We are given spiritual milk because we don't know how to chew on the Word of God yet. I remember when I was a baby Christian God carried me to my new destination where I needed to be.

Before I learned the importance of walking with God and how it would change my life, it was as if I was learning to crawl. Let me tell you I was going nowhere fast. When I would try my best to move forward I found myself going backwards. For the longest time I was heading in the wrong direction. Sound familiar?

Now that it is many years later I am learning to stand on my own two feet. Still a little (wobbly) uncertain at times, but learning and applying what will help steady me. As I have learned to draw closer to God I reach out to Him first. Praying in the morning before I get out of bed is a new habit and although it has only been a short while I can already see a difference with my attitude. Reading the Word of God daily really helps too, but we need to apply the Word of God to our lives. I still slip and fall, cry out to God, and He lifts me up every single time.

I am making changes and heading out on new adventures. This morning I took the time to thank God for the process of my calling. It is during this time I am learning and growing. So, why do we always want to rush through everything? We want everything right now! Right!? I am taking the time to enjoy this moment and moving forward little by little (baby steps).

My friends our Christian walk is simply moving forward with God. Whether you are taking baby steps, strolling along, or power walking keep in mind it is not just the way we walk but who we walk with. Stop! Pray! Listen! God will teach you how, when, and where to walk.

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