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Lay Your Burdens Down

Give your burdens to the Lord, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall. Psalm 55:22

When we carry burdens around with us they become very heavy and weigh us down. Often, we carry more than one burden at a time. For example we carry guilt and shame, worry and anxiety, frustration and anger, also sadness and depression. This is because we hold onto one burden and by trying to control it ourselves another one seems to creep in undetected especially, when the two go hand in hand.

Our responsibilities can become a burden. Paying rent and utilities can be a burden when someone loses a job and financially you don't see how you can pay everything. Knowing an unemployment check doesn't make up the difference. Many people have lost their homes and have become homeless. If you own two vehicles you are faced with the ultimatum of maybe getting rid of one then you have to figure out how improvise with only one.

The elderly people have to make a decision whether they buy groceries or refill their medication. Many are burdened with the heartache of losing a loved one. While others are dealing with a terminal illness of some kind. Then add in all the people are dealing with a mental illness because this has hit an all time high.

You also need to factor in the people who carry the burdens of others. The people who do their best to comfort others, and although it helps it doesn't take the pain away. We can give advice to others and an encouraging word, but that doesn't change the circumstance. The only thing we can do is be there for them and let them know we are here to walk through it with them.

When we carry our burdens or the burdens of others we can pray, but ultimately we to lift them up to Christ. Through prayer God hears us and wants to take the burdens from us. We just need to lay them at His feet. Depending on how many burdens we are carrying all at once "dropping them" sounds more accurate. Right? We cannot control everything so, however you choose let go of your burdens leave them at the feet of Jesus.

He is the One more than able to take care of us. The Lord is always waiting on us to walk with Him. As I said take the time to lighten the load and know that the Lord will walk through the fire with you. Will you take His hand and let Him lead you through it? The Lord will not let you slip and fall. If He has to He will carry you through. Trust Him!

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