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I Was Down but Not Out

Sometimes we get knocked down and many times when this occurs we feel as if we are knocked out. Lying there wondering if it is even worth getting back up. It is imperative that we always get back up! God didn't create a bunch of quitters. He created us to be warriors! He is calling us to rise up at all times out of every situation.

Several months ago I lost my cousin in October and a friend in November so I know what it is like to get punched in the gut and it takes all your breath away. I know what it feels like to to lie there with your heart shattered into a million pieces. I was unable to push past the pain on my own but God made a way for me to get through it. I thought I was out for the count, but God told me I was not finished to get up and fight. God is always in my corner coaching me though life just as He always does!

At the beginning of this year I realized I was no where close to achieving my dream and to be honest it was because I kept giving up. This is what happens when we don't rise to the occasion. Now I know that God works all things for my good and He has done just that. I have to say not the way I thought, but who am I to question the Holy One? God has reshaped my dream and in no way has erased it from happening.

Sometimes God will allow us to be knocked down and wants us to stay down so we don't get knocked out. Recently I have been very sick with an infection in my body. This literally took me out for days and I am still on the mend. During the worst days of this it was all I could do to stay in the Word of God (because finding a comfortable position was challenging at the time). However, my prayer life has improved as I thank God in advance for the healing in my body. Remember when I told you I was going to start a new habit and pray every morning as Jesus did? I have done this daily and believe it is helping to face whatever lies ahead.

I don't know what you are facing right now and honestly I hope all is well. My point is no matter what trials we face we are meant to get up and fight. We aren't wimpy little people who refuse to get back up. We are in a fight for our lives and knowing the victory is already won this should make us jump up tp our feet. When we are weak God is our strength! My advice is when you get knocked down remember you are clothed with the strength of God. May God strengthen you today.

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