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Holy Spirit Fall Like Rain

Shower O heavens from above, and let the clouds rain down righteousness, let the earth open that salvation and righteousness may bear fruit, let the earth cause them both to sprout, I the Lord have created it. Isaiah 45:8 (ESV)

The farmers work hard to get the ground ready to plant their seeds, spending days on their tractors tilling up the hard ground. They need to add in the fertilizer, turn the flat tilled ground into rows, and finally plant the seeds. then they must wait patiently for the harvest. doing all they can do they have to wait on the rain (just the right amount) and also the right amount of sunlight. What I am trying to say is once they have done all they can God has to do the rest.

We are just like the seed. Once we have been planted we need to be deeply rooted in Christ. The showers from heaven are like the Holy Spirit falling on us like rain. The clouds rain down righteousness and it is God's righteousness that we receive. It is by His mercy that He saved us and we now have the renewing of the Holy Spirit. It is the greatness of His power and glory that we are able to bear fruit.

The raining down of the Holy Spirit is where we find ourselves wrapped up in the Presence of God. When we rely on the Holy Spirit that is when our desires change to be more like Christ. This is when we truly start to grow in the way that we should. As we do all that we can it is God that will continue the work in us. We will sprout up bearing fruit. Holy Spirit fall fresh on us.

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