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Going Around the Same Mountain

You have dwelt long enough on this mountain. (Deuteronomy 1:6)

When God used Moses to lead the Israelites out of Egypt what should have been an eleven day journey turned into forty years of wandering around the same mountain again and again. Have you dwelt many years going around the same mountain? God is saying it is time to move on. Did you get stuck in the wilderness for what seems like to long of a period when you should have already reached your destination?

I often think of where I should be rather then where I am currently. Just like the Israelites I have spent too much time focusing on my problems and complaining. My thoughts are negative when I find myself going around the same mountain. This is why we get stuck and are unable to move on. We make everything difficult and the things we speak negatively are getting us nowhere. The longer we dwell on the negative the longer it takes to move on.

When we remain in our misery it becomes a foothold for the devil to enter in. He will tell us lies and we will believe them. Sometimes just like Eve we will be deceived and won't even realize it. It is so easy to blame others when the truth is we only have ourselves to blame. We need to take the responsibility for our own actions. The devil didn't make us do it and neither did anyone else.

Whatever journey we are on God has already arranged the correct path to follow. Sometimes it does take longer than we expect, but He is taking the time to build our character and showing us that when we trust in Him we can be content in any situation. We learn to let go of the past once and for all. God doesn't want us to stay on the same mountain. He wants us to move forward into what He has already planned for us.

If you find yourself going around the same mountain it is time to evaluate the problem and dig down to the root of it. Renew your mind and as you become aware of your thoughts make sure they are positive. We have the ability to do this before it reaches our heart corrupting it then spews out of our mouth creating an action. Don't give up! Keep moving forward in the direction God wants you to go. Go out and conquer that mountain.

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