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God's Timing

Before time began God was creating the world. In doing this He created the sun, moon, and stars on the fourth day. He used these as signs for seasons, days, and years. The all knowing God knew that everything would revolve around time. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 tells us there is a time for everything. As the earth revolves around the sun time was created and broken down into time frames.

The four seasons were created by the way the sun was positioned according to the earth's rotation. During the different seasons we experience different weather patterns and the same exists for our lives. As we go through different seasons. Most people don't like winter because it is very cold and everything is dead. Spring is a time to watch everything come back to life and we can see the new growth. Summer is filled with the sunlight and longer days for us to enjoy. Fall is the time of beauty when all the colors are at their brightest.

The same applies to us when we go through trials and difficult seasons. This season might be cold and dark, but just around the corner we start stepping into a new season. A season of coming back to life again. A fresh beginning of new growth and strength. That's not all either. As we keep moving on we step into a joyful season filled with warmth in our hearts. Before you know it you are shining with the brilliance of the light for all the world to see.

Let's talk about the days for a moment. We all seem to think that we don't have enough time in a day, but we all have the same amount of time which is twenty four hours. According to God's set time that is plenty. Maybe we just need to learn how to prioritize our days. When you spend time with God first thing in the morning He will help you see what needs to be done instead of what you think needs to be done. No need to overwhelm yourself! I know I do it too.

Remember these days will soon turn into years and they can slip away easily. Here is some advice I am learning myself. Live life on purpose for a purpose and live life to the fullest with fulfillment. Knowing you are being gratified by your achievements. Then we can say all is well.

Life is about constant change and no one knows that better than God. It is God who makes these changes and it is all according to His timing. His timing is perfect!

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