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Fully Known by God

O Lord, you have examined my heart and know everything about me. Psalm 139:1

Lord, I know that you know everything about me and you knew this even before I was in my mother's womb. You have always known the plan for my life to reach the full potential and become the person you made me to be. You also knew that I would go astray for many years yet, you have displayed patience, mercy, grace, and lovingkindness waiting for me to return with open arms.

When I had a heart of stone and was angry with how my life had turned out but, it was all a part of your plan. I was mad at you and wanted nothing to do with you for so long. The beautiful life you had planned involved the horrible things I had to endure. These are the very things that you will use so that I am able to help others in similar situations.

Now that I have turned my heart back towards you I see how I will be able to help so many people through my writing. I know what it is like to lose my parents at a young age. I know what being abused feels like and how I abused others. I know what it is like to feel rejected, abandoned, unloved, and tossed from one place to another. I also know what it like to run from all these things and turn to alcohol and drugs trying to cover up the pain. I know what it is like to have a fifty-fifty chance of living.

I thank you for giving me so many chances to get it right and for saving my life! I only hope I can honor you by reaching out to others and letting them know that by you helping me to see the light and put my hope and trust in you that others will be able to do the same. You have forever changed who I have become and I am looking forward to the changes that lie ahead.

Everything we do comes from the heart and I am so glad you took my cold- hearted heart and made it soft and full of compassion. You know what our heart desires whether it is good or bad. This can easily be seen by the way we talk and by our actions. You know when our fruits are rotten and you know when they line up with the fruits of the Spirit. You are able to see deep within us and know us better than we know ourselves! You know who we are truly devoted to and where our loyalty lies. People pleasers or God pleasers?

You examine our heart, our lives, and our soul. You know every thought, work, and deed. You know when we do something out of love and you know when we do it half-heartedly. You know us perfectly aware of every detail of our lives.

If you have a few minutes listen to Tauren Wells - Known

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