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I apologize for not writing lately to those of you who read my blog daily. I want to ask you what are you committed to doing on a daily basis? The busyness of life can overtake you sometimes.

Personally I spend time with God every morning whether it is a few minutes or hours. Lately it has been spending time briefly in the morning and off to work trying to beat the heat. As I have committed myself to helping someone take care of their household duties and yard work. I set a goal to write everyday and as you can see haven't held up to my consistency. I have a commitment to leading a Bible study which means I need to make time to study. I won't go on and on because in all honesty this probably isn't much compared to those of you who have families to take care of.

Anyway I want you to know that whatever you are committed to doing I hope you do it with a cheerful heart. This really makes a difference and if you are doing something out of love even better! Commit yourself to God first and everything else will fall into place. I hope you have a very Blessed Sunday!

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