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Beautiful Scars

Jesus paid the ultimate price by being crucified and dying on the cross. Although He suffered much His scars are beautiful and a reminder of what He had to endure for all of us so we can have eternal life.

We have scars that are physical and some were placed intentionally while others are from surgery. There are others scars from accidents and those that that came from being abused. Then their are those emotional scars that seem to make some people think they are scarred for life. Either way they are a beautiful reminder of what we have gone through and how our lives became better because of them.

Through all of these incidents there is a beauty that needs to be spread to others. We all have the ability to overcome what we have had to endure and help others to see the beauty in the scars they have. They are reminders of how God intervened and walked with us through the hard times. This could be proof that God saved our life. The emotional scars are proof that we don't need to live in the past. With God by our side we can overcome anything that we have gone through and move forward.

We all have beautiful scars and it is a privilege to help others see how special they really are scars and all. The purpose is to reach out to others who are going through something when you can see the pain in their eyes. Don't leave them there to deal with it all alone especially if you know exactly what they are going through.

A couple of days ago while eating lunch I noticed a young girl who was deeply hurt. When I smiled at her she gave me a fake smile and I saw that her wrist was bandaged up and still had the band on from the hospital. She reminded me of myself when I was about her age. The person sitting with her looked depressed too because this deeply effects the people around you.

When God lays it on your heart to help someone you will know without question what that person is going through. After I finished eating I knew I had to pray for her. I could feel her pain, but never questioned why. As I walked over to the table her demeanor changed and she smiled as I introduced myself. She even turned her chair around to listen as I briefly told her that I had noticed her wrist being bandaged. I just wanted her to know that I would be praying a healing prayer over her. I believe I made her day because it feels good to be noticed. I am sure this also made her feel special. To see her light up and smile only took a moment.

How many times do we pass people by that we could have taken the opportunity to make their life a little brighter? Probably more than we care to admit. We need to fill this world with hope and love! It only takes a moment in time to make someone feel special.

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