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A Permanent Residence

For this world is not our permanent home, we are looking forward to a home yet to come. Hebrews 13:14

I have always moved from one place to another and never stayed anywhere for a long period of time. Now I am finally at a place that I call home and I hope that this will be my last move until I go to heaven where I can say this is my permanent residence. I can't wait to say I will never have to move again!

Moving can be stressful because we have to pack everything up, move it to our new place, then unpack and put everything in it's proper place. When we go to heaven we don't need to take anything with us and it will be the easiest transition because everything will be provided for us.

In the meantime, what are you doing while you are here? Most people say they are just passing through. They sit by and watch the time tick away without really living. I have spent much of life living this way and when I look back there was so much time that I wasted. Now this means something different for everyone. Living life to the fullest. What does that mean to you?

I think about the dash which is how you live life between your birth and your death. I am doing my best to write and spread the word of God pointing people to Jesus. I know that one day the memory of me will fade away and that is ok. It is not about me and leaving a legacy behind. It is about the lost finding Jesus.

As we do something good for others I usually pray that it causes a ripple effect. The amazing thing about this is the good deeds we do can always be done through others. For instance I know God is working on this because as we have planned to feed the community it is already spreading. I have a friend who is going to feed everyone in the apartments where she lives. I was so excited to hear this because I know it is God working through His people.

We can help others while we are here in many different ways. Some of us don't have the finances to go out and bless others, but we can always donate our time. Smile at a stranger, wave at the cars going by, become more social and have a conversation with someone face to face.

When you think about your permanent home think about what it will be like. This is one move we can all look forward to.

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