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Suffering Brings Us Closer To God

And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope. Romans 5:3-4 (NKJV)

When we are suffering it is important to turn to God for help. After all He is the only one who is always with us wherever we go and whatever we are going through. God is our helper and gives us strength to endure all things. When we reach out to others they are not always available. Don't you agree? This gives us the opportunity to draw closer to God. Since God never gives up on us, why would we ever give up? He pushes us to be persistent and keeps us moving forward when times are difficult.

The results will differ greatly when we turn our backs on God. This is when our hearts become hardened. We are also rejecting the very One who can help us. He has never turned His back on us so, why do we treat Him in this manner when all He wants to do is help?

Suffering brings us closer when we take the time to ask God questions that we might not normally ask. For instance, rather than asking why as we always do. By drawing closer we might begin to ask how instead of why. By asking the question how can we get through this rather than why is this happening brings us even closer to God. Now we are letting Him know that we trust Him and rest in the assurance of His Presence.

When we refuse to ask God questions like this we could be missing out on the lesson He is trying to show us. He might even be disciplining us to correct our behavior so that our character will represent the better version of ourselves. We don't want to miss out on what He may be doing for the good of us.

Many times our suffering is preparing us so we can help others who suffer in the same way we do. Our test that we have had to endure becomes the words of our testimony. God has prepared us to build others up who are suffering. Just as those before us have taught us that we are overcomers; we should also teach others that they can overcomers too.

Without telling others about our testimony we become self-centered as if we are the only one's who God has helped. This type of mentality is very selfish. I know some of our testimony is embarrassing, but it should be told because others will see that they are not alone. Since God has helped us we should always look for the opportunity to share with others the proof of how God has changed our lives. When we witness to others they see how the power of God really works and this also helps to build up their faith.

Our suffering is nothing compared to the suffering Jesus endured on the cross. It is the ultimate sacrifice that had to take place so our sins would be forgiven and that we now have eternal life once we accept Him as our Lord and Savior. I just finished reading the book of Job and He lost more than we ever will in one single day. In the end He was blessed with even more! We are blessed with so much more than we deserve.

How is it that when we are suffering we think God is being unjust? Life just isn't fair is it? What we need to know is God is just in everything. We will all face trouble in this world. The Bible is full of stories about those who suffered, but they also knew that God was right there with them. In knowing this we can have faith like Daniel in the lion's den, hope like Moses in the wilderness, a heart like David who knew the Lord was his defense. God gave us a command to be strong and courageous and we have the ability to do this knowing He is right beside us.

Suffering will only last for awhile because this too shall pass!

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