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Resurrection Power

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you...Acts 1:8

We all know that the resurrection power is what raised Jesus from the grave. and what a beautiful display that not even a grave could hold Him down. We will also rise up from the grave and be able to spend eternity in heaven. Best news ever, right!

We have this same resurrection power living inside us! My question is do you really believe it? I will admit I believe it, but I don't always put it into action. Ouch! Why don't we? The Holy Spirit enables us to do so much and is very powerful yet, we act as if we are powerless over many things. I believe He sent us a helper so we could transform into the people who fight against the enemy, face doubt, fear, uncertainty, fulfill the things God has called us to do, and so much more.

This resurrection power is what helps us to transform and continue to move forward. The Holy Spirit helps us to become strong, courageous, bold, confident, and teaches us to speak with authority. It is through the Spirit that we are powerful against the enemy and everything he throws at us with all his lies. God will even use the Spirit of truth to relay messages to others through us.

We will gain the confidence to do what we are called to do. We will have the ability to face all obstacles that stand in our way. We have the power over our minds to change the way we think. The power to act in the loving way that we should. The power to succeed in everything we do. Even with all this power we will never fully become complete until we reach our final destination. We just do the best we can and let God do the rest.

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