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Passing Your Blessings On

And don't forget to do good and to share with those in need. These are the sacrifices that please God. Hebrews 13:16

God wants all of us to take the blessings we have and share them with others, especially those who are in need. This pleases God in a way that moves His heart and fills Him with joy to see His children helping others.

I have prayed for this community to come together and a prayer over us was that we would be a beacon to this community. Let me tell you God is on the move in this community! We feed the community once a month and the funds are provided by God through the hands of a dear friend. The blessing begins when we take the time to listen to God when He speaks. Then whenever we step out in faith to accomplish the calling He blesses it even more. We now have permission to post a flyer in a couple of the stores not far from here. (This is not something you see anymore). God has introduced us to a few managers who through their kindness will actually be helping us bring more people together. I took food to one of them last month and have the privilege to now take food to two cashiers.

Tuesday the money we needed to do this was placed in my Bible while we gathered for Bible study and I had no clue until I got the text. Good thing because it is not the Bible I use on a daily basis. Now this was such a blessing that we were able to help others as well with the money left over. God is so good to us!

Yesterday was a very special day filled with many blessings. All it took was listening to God and following His instructions. (I am already teary eyed just thinking about it). My plans were to be elsewhere and support a friend, but God already had that covered. I will be there for him when everyone has continued to return to their busy lives. When he returns to work with a smile on his face, but hurting inside (this is when I will show up) when God tells me to do so.

Now to start the morning off we noticed our elderly neighbor climbing on a ladder to clean the side of his house from all the mold growing on it. He was resting on the step of the ladder and although he is very independent and never asks for help we could see that he needed it. When we told him we would finish the work for him as usual he said no because we would get bleach all over us. I have learned to say, "Don't rob us of our blessing."

After we finished there we headed out to mow our landlord's yard. He is already deducting the rent as I have been doing housework and yardwork for them while his wife recovers from brain surgery. Ready for it? He blessed us with some money and we replied, "What is this for?" He said, "This is for mowing my yard." Extra money for what I already do was a huge blessing and very much needed at the time. On top of that ( here come those teary eyes again). He filled up our riding lawn mower with gas, cleaned it up, bought us extra gas, and to top it off bought lunch for us. By now we are are feeling like spoiled children! The way God blesses us through others is so amazing!

Having arrived at the local grocery store later on that afternoon it was time to treat ourselves with a snow cone. The manager of this establishment asked us to sit down with her and visit for awhile. This was just the break we needed and really enjoyed her company as we are getting to know each other better. She is a very creative woman and while telling us of her plans she will be using her snow cone business to serve the community in other ways as well. Brilliant! This place is very inviting and she wants to add on a covering so if it rains no one will get wet and so much more... This will provide a number of small jobs for us and Marlene will leave a mark by initialing her work. Girl power!!!

Now as the evening approaches it is time for us to move on to a bigger grocery store and get everything we need for "Unity in the Community." After checking out we noticed a family speaking to the manager and the mother was upset. Not knowing the whole story we asked if she needed anything. She said they owed her some money that had to be placed back onto a card. We all know that process takes time and this lady really wanted the cash. It was $9.73 that they owed her so we gave her $10.00 and said, "Here is your money back." As we got into the car I noticed the mother of this family tell her daughter I have to talk to them. She had already thanked us, but what she told us next turned out to be an even bigger blessing for her family. She said, "Her son didn't believe there were any good people in the world until we showed up" with tears of joy in her eyes.

Immediately after a homeless man walked up and asked if we could help him. Can you imagine standing outside a grocery store when you are hungry and have nothing but the clothes on your back and a small bag? As soon as we gave him the money he walked straight into the store to buy himself something to eat. To God be the glory!

We circled back around to the family we helped out and I took the opportunity to witness to the young man who didn't believe there were any good people. I could tell he didn't believe me even after what he had just witnessed, but he was courteous and listened to me anyway. Planting that seed was so much more valuable than the money I gave him.

I was so overwhelmed by how God blessed us then used us to bless others I cried as we were leaving. Then after we got home and put everything away it was starting to get dark and we realized we had not eaten anything yet. By now we are going to go grab a bite to eat because it already past our bedtime. We notice someone weed-eating their neighbors yard and I had to stop and shake his hand. (He is an outcast in this community because of being one of many drug addicts around here). I am drawn to all people, but especially the outcast. I thanked him for helping his neighbor and told him he was doing a great job. I also told him he was an answer to a prayer. Unity in the community!

You never know how or when your blessings are coming, but they are coming filling your cup until it overflows out into other people.

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