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Morning Fuel

Let me experience Your faithful love in the morning, for I trust in You. Reveal to me the way I should go because I long for You. Psalm 143:8, HCSB

When we are driving a car and want to reach our destination the first thing we do is make sure we have enough fuel to get there. We don't just put in a few gallons, instead we fill it up. If the tank is full we don't have any worries regarding where we are going. When we push past the limitations of the vehicle and notice the warning sign of the fuel light blinking then ignore it we are heading for trouble. We pray and hope we can make it to the nearest place to get fuel. When we ignore the sign we clearly see in front of us, and choose to keep going anyway this is a bad idea. Then we find ourselves in a car that is sputtering down the road only to find ourselves coming to a complete stop. Out of fuel!

Are you making the time to receive the proper fuel in the morning? Fueling up with a prayer is the proper way to get your day started. We are able to receive His faithful love while being in His presence. There is no greater feeling than this, so why would we hesitate in asking Him to make His presence known to us every morning?

I don't always ask God to reveal (make known) the way in which I should go, but I should. When I go my own way the busyness of my day becomes chaotic. I end up running around according to my own agenda which leads tome feeling exhausted. Out of fuel.

My friends when we ask God to reveal the way we should go this will deter us from stepping into the traps set by the enemy. The enemy loves to watch us when we step out of line because that is when he will step in. On the other hand, God is pleased in revealing which way we go because it aligns us up with His will. It is our decision to choose whether we listen to God or to be rebellious. I know the truth hurts, but when are choosing our own way we are being rebellious.

There will be days when we start out strong - all fueled up, and as the day progresses we start to feel sluggish. This is our warning signal! When this happens turn to God who is always available and refuel yourselves.

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