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Commit Your Actions To the Lord

Commit your actions to the Lord, and your plans will succeed. Proverbs 16:3

Commit means to give in trust to put into the hands or power of another. We should entrust all that we do over to the Lord. When we are mindful of the God, acknowledging Him for being omnipotent; having unlimited power, able to do anything we trust that He will cause our plans to succeed.

God chose each of us for a specific reason. Serving God is a privilege and a honor to express our love through our actions. The is something we need to do wholeheartedly, and with a willing mind. As we become more intimate with Him we desire to please Him even more.

Any long lasting relationship we have invested in involves a lot of give and take. Especially our relationship with God. Oh, but doesn't He give us so much more!

As you and I commit to Him we become like the trees along the riverbank and will flourish and prosper. God will make a way for our goals to be reached. Whether He removes the obstacles or walk with us through them He will bring you to your appointed goal. Our plans will succeed because He is the Almighty powerful God who makes our efforts successful.

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AMEN! Loved our conversation this morning. Your bible study yesterday fits right in also Moses, Joshua and Gideon all committed their ways to the Lord ultimately believing His plans would succeed. And guess what? They did!!! Absolutely loved the story of Gideon opened my eyes to a lot of things in my life!! 🌱🪴

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