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A Devotional and a Bible

When I turned back to God and knew it was time to change the way I was living everything changed. God took me and led me on a path that would lead me out of the destruction I was living in. In fact, He took me to a place where I would meet people who would be a good influence and help me through this transition. I had no idea that even to this day many of them are who I now consider my family.

I started going to church (God's Shining Light) attending a Bible study (Beauty for Ashes) and an outreach (Life In the Son). I am so thankful for the people who played such a huge part in my recovery. At first I was the quite one just trying to figure everyone out. After awhile I started attending another church (Extreme Worship) and eventually started participating in the Bible study and outreach.

One day I was feeling brave and I will never forget it. I should have just kept my mouth shut, but it was a lesson I will never forget. I got up in front of everyone at the outreach and distorted the very word of God. I know, believe me I know! This is something I will never do again as long as I live! I was a baby Christian who thought I was all grown up. I really didn't realize it at the time I was speaking. I sure figured it out after calling Shelly complaining I couldn't feel anything emotionally or spiritually like I was just a shell of a body. Like I said lesson learned.

Before I made this huge mistake I want to take you back to approximately seven months before this happened. I was given a devotional and somehow Pastor Patty knew I had no idea about what the word of God really meant. I didn't understand what I read and maybe it showed. Maybe God told her? Maybe she knew more about me than she let on? All I know is this devotional was the start for me to begin reading Bible verses everyday. Inside she wrote, "Read this every day It will encourage you and help you to learn the Word of God" Eleven years later I still pick it up from time to time and read a devotion from it.

Now back to when I needed to be corrected. I knew I was in trouble when Pastor Patty looked at me and motioned for me to come over to her as Shelly was standing by her side. Good thing I was taught to respect my elders because if not I probably would have ran out of that outreach faster than lightning. She corrected me with so much love! She gave me a Bible and explained to me about speaking the Word of God-how it should never be taken out of context- and that I should read this Bible so that I would understand it. It is a girls life application study Bible and I am certain she prayed over it. This Bible which is the NLT version is easy to read and the one I was able to understand. Inside it is dated January 13, 2011 and she wrote, "Cuz we believe in You" and let me tell you this is one worn out Bible. Often times I read the NKJV but when I need a little more understanding I refer back to the well used Bible.

This devotional and Bible are lifechanging tools from a person who had the love of God on her. Seriously I could feel it! These books have indeed kickstarted my journey into the person I am made to be. She gave me two small items that would teach me about God who has changed my life so much. The best part of this is that she barely knew me.

Doesn't this make you want to go give someone a Bible. It will definitely leave a mark on someone's life!

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10 Jun 2021

Shelly you are Marching Forth and you have a love that draws people to you. You are living a life that your mom would be so proud of. You step out in faith and your vision will come to life. You will change as many lives as you can. I love you.


09 Jun 2021

😭😭😭 This is the love she wanted us to March Forth with and leave no one behind! A great example for many 💓💓💓

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